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cancellation policy


Once you have booked your paint party the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. PLEASE INFORM YOUR GUESTS THAT THEIR PAYMENT FOR YOUR PARTY SCHEDULED IS NON-REFUNDABLE also. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESCHEDULE YOUR PAINT PARTY,  We enforce a two week cancellation policy. As long as your cancellation is at least 14 days before your event, you will get a full credit (no cash refund) of your deposit amount or the option to reschedule. If cancelled within 14 to 7 days before party, 50% of your deposit is non-refundable and the remaining amount will be issued as a credit for your next visit. Any cancellations within 7 days before your party, you will forfeit/lose the total deposit amount (no credit/no cash will be issued). All credits must be redeemed within 90 days after cancellation.  (Rules does not apply for fundraiser events)..
If there are any cancellations due to catastrophe weather (ANY STORM THAT REQUIRES MANDATORY EVACUATION) I will definitely reschedule your event you have booked at a later time without having to put another deposit down


Any individual prepaid cancellations for all open sessions will be offered a full credit (no cash refund) to reuse at a later date towards an open session, private party, deposit and/or merchandise (no special events). All credits must be redeemed within 90 days after cancellation.


No refunds and/or credit issued on special events for no shows or cancellations. No exceptions. Unless the event was cancelled by PAINT.SIP.EAT.REPEAT.....


You can always upgrade your party from a 2 hour to a 3 hour party at anytime if the time is available. Balance will have to be paid at the time request.


If you picked the open room but wanna switch to the upgraded room with the same amount of hours you would just have to notify us two days before your party. You are responsible for the balance at the time of notifying us.


If you want to switch from higher costing service to a lower costing service if notified 7days prior to your party, the deposit will still cover 3 people and the remaining balance will be applied to your party.

If notified within 7 days of your party the deposit will still cover 3 people but the remaining balance will be forfeited.

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